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Discovery-focused Mineral Exploration


Exploration Facilitation Unlimited, Inc. (EFU) provides discovery-focused,  high quality and innovative end-to-end mineral exploration services specifically tailored to our clients' needs. We are a family business with a shared passion for exploration and discovery.

We are greenfields project experts specializing in advancing
 remote, underexplored properties. Our team includes professional geologists, geoscientists, resource professionals and geomatics experts. With a focus on projects in Quebec, British Columbia (BC), Saskatchewan, Ontario and Nunavut, our experience includes a wide range of precious metal, base metal, uranium and lithium properties throughout Canada, the US, and overseas.

We are agile, lightweight, and look for efficiencies in everything we do.


- We offer full-spectrum exploration services. We are a "one-stop shop"

- Tired of waiting for drill permits to be approved? Our backpack diamond drills (AQ core) allow us to conduct real-time follow up on geophysical anomalies and other mineralized targets and are permitless in most jurisdictions.  We can design a custom short-hole drill program (up to 10m depth) and be drilling on your property in a matter of days!!

- We utilize drones for aerial mapping, reconnaissance, planning and targeting

- Agile and rapidly mobilized crew and camp

- We provide a lightweight fly camp for up to 15

- Minimal environmental footprint

- 100% self-reliant and self-supported exploration team

- Maintaining excellent QA/QC standards and providing quality data deliverables is our mandate. Our data collection procedures are 100% standardized, ensuring consistent data

- We are committed to a safe, healthy, and respectful workplace

- Mineral exploration is our passion!

See the crew in action: Video and Photo Gallery