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At EFU, we specialize in advancing under-explored, greenfields properties. We provide comprehensive geological, geochemical, and geophysical field services to help our clients identify and confirm mineralized targets.

Our services include a range of hierarchical surveys consisting of increasingly focussed investigation and target confirmation. We use standardized forms and established QA/QC procedures when collecting field data to ensure consistent, accurate high-quality data.

Our boots-on-the-ground approach coupled with innovative technologies such as drone-based aerial surveys, GIS and remote sensing, allows us to significantly improve project planning, thereby reducing exploration costs and expediting fieldwork.



- Historical data analysis/assessment
- Target identification
- Strategic exploration planning and recommendations
- Permit and license acquisition
- Project implementation
- Logistics
- Project Management
- Drill program management (core logging, core teching, pad clearing, hole location marking)
- Technical report writing (target book, press release, assessment report and NI 43-101 technical report)


- Claim staking and ground truthing
- Line marking and cutting
- Prospecting & geologic mapping
- Soil/till sampling
- Ground mag/VLF-EM geophysics surveys
- I.P. (induced polarisation) geophysics surveys
- Beep Mat EM/MAG geophysics surveys (near-surface)
- Backpack diamond drilling (to 10m depth, AQ core)
- Winkie Drilling (to 120m depth, AW core)
- Wink Vibracorer drilling for sediment/soil sampling


- GIS for project planning
- Digitization of historical geographic or tabular data 
- Field program mapping
- Assessment report mapping
- GIS analysis 
- Geostatistics
- Geological modelling and interpretation
- Map, plan and section plotting
- Satellite/aerial image acquisition
- Image classification
- Image interpretation
- Land cover mapping
- Outcrop mapping


- Drone survey mapping: accurate, high-resolution orthophotos and 3D elevation models
- On-demand aerial reconnaissance providing bird's-eye view of property to evaluate access and to identify outcrop/exposure locations
- Aerial photo and video for promotion of project/property


Our method of real-time target investigation begins with a radiometric or near-surface geophysical survey, followed by short-hole drilling using our backpack diamond drills. This allows us to promptly determine whether or not anomalous targets require further investigation, such as more advanced geophysics or NQ drilling. 

An example of the effectiveness of this method was carried out by EFU in March, 2016 in Northern Quebec. A Beep Mat survey had identified and delieated a large conductive zone. Immediate follow up backpack drilling discovered graphitic faults, intense silicification, and Po-Py mineralization to 40% of a 4m drill hole. This warranted an additional short-hole drilling program and a one-day mapping program that clarified a fault/splay with offshoot graphitic faults. The subsequent fault/silicification zone drilling has led to the discovery of multiple anomalies in metals including Au, Ag, As, Cu, Zn, Ni and Mo. These anomalies justify follow up NQ drilling and were discovered at a low cost.

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