Our core exploration crew consists of multidisciplinary industry professionals including experienced program managers, geoscientists, technicians and support staff. The diversity, commitment and expertise of our crew allows us to be all-season greenfield exploration specialists.

Justin Rensby, BSc, CEO
Exploration Geologist, Program Manager

Justin has over 30 years of field experience, primarily in a management position, including 14 years as a geologist in Canada and Rwanda. He has extensive field and field management experience in the mountains, tundra, and boreal forest with a proven history of efficiency and success. Justin has worked on 2 bulk samples, 1 as Senior Underground Geologist (Meliadine West, Nunavut) and 1 as Site Supervisor for the sampling process (Brucejack, NW BC). 

Steve Gillanders, MSc, CTO
Program Manager, GIS

Steve is a multidisciplinary Earth Sciences professional with a career spanning over 30 years specializing in field survey operations and GIS/Remote Sensing. Serving as EFU's technical lead, Steve brings a broad range of experience from a variety of projects in Canada and the United States.

Jennifer Rensby, CFO 
Office & Logistics Manager, Financial Management

Jennifer brings over 30 years of administrative experience to EFU. Previous positions in banking, small business management, transition house, and chiropractic administration along with her diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services adds Human Relations, planning, and financial management to our company's strengths. As the main support staff, Jennifer ensures smooth processing for the business, along with logistics.  

2023 Field Crew

Hailey Briere

Kaleb Elie

Gary Forsythe

Helena Peters

Cody "Mad Dog" Prince

Curtis Rensby

Forrest Rensby

Rachel Rensby, BSc

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